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Cougars forum canadian

cougars forum canadian

community The cougar has one of the largest ranges of any mammal in the western hemisphere. Because of this, the cougar is called around 40 different names, such as puma, mountain lion, and panther. Most of the cougar population may be found in western Canada, but it has been seen across the Prairies, southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Cougars, Mature Women Sexy Moms - Home Facebook Wi cougars - Trapperman Forums British Columbia Forum - TripAdvisor Classic Mercury Cougar for Sale I know there is the. Cougar club of America but after some searching I have given up trying to find the. Cougar, club of Canada so does it exist? Does it just not have a website?


Sexy Ukrainian Wife Gets Her First Canadian Black Bull While Hubby Films. cougars forum canadian After several roadkills they now say we have them but probably just passing through. Yes, there are cougars and yes, occasionally you get a young animal without a territorial range who gets desperate and does something stupid. I would have been surprised to have a cougar in one of my traps. Been from Phillips on back NW across WI for decades. A 5-star recruit from Seattle highlights an exceptional group of unofficial visitors. The last "official" sighting was one trapped in Luce County in 1909.What are the chances that was the very last surviving one? I have seen a few and have found tracks but not sure if there are more now though. Joined: Aug 2011, posts: 994, peoria County Illinois Larry Baer trapper Larry Baer trapper Joined: Aug 2011 Posts: 994 Peoria County Illinois I tracked one for about 1/2 mil in 1986 after it killed a calf at a local dairy farm. cougars forum canadian

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